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CIMB Group Holdings Berhad (MYX: 1023) is a Malaysian universal bank headquartered in Kuala Lumpur and operating in high growth economies in ASEAN. CIMB Group is an indigenous ASEAN investment bank. CIMB has a wide retail branch network with 1,080 branches across the region.The group operates under several entities, which include CIMB Investment Bank, CIMB Bank, CIMB Islamic, CIMB Niaga, CIMB Secu


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"1. Culture is a fail. No regard for the welfare of its employees, especially if you are not from h/o; 2. No empowerment. Everything has to be reviewed by the boss. Too much unhealthy pressure from top management. 3. HR capacity and process is very poor. It took me months to get my backpay after countless follow-ups. HR doesnt respond to emails too. 4. Digital bank but the internal process is very manual. 5. Workspace is not encouraging; very limited space and not enough meeting rooms. 6. Toxic work environment 7. No internal career enhancement 8. No retirement plan"

Former Employee - Director says

"This company is run by one of the worst management team in banking. Its all about politics and curry favoring. There is no meritocracy. Join at your own risk!"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"very bad and slow processes"

Current Employee - Business Analyst says

"- Office politics - They wont listen to your advice - Inexperienced Senior Staff - Lack of knowledge - Anger Issues with senior staff"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"low salary, too low salary"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Biased towards malaysians in terms of account handling, unfair head"

Current Employee - Assistant Vice President says

"Bad management, politics environment, bossy working style"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"No career growth and opportunities"

Current Employee - Business Relationship Manager says

"too much politics, too many administrative task."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Long working hours. Poor office environment and location. Company focus on cost savings more than growing the bank. Rude top management who scold and insult employees. Rule by instilling fear in employees. No d&d or team building events. People in high positions are hired because they are top management's friends or relatives, not by merits. Lots of politics."

Vice President (Former Employee) says

"If you have think you have seen the worst bank on earth, you have not been in CIMB. Nothing works, from computer, printer, bloomberg, you name it. Severely stingy on costs, upgrading a simple RAM takes 2 months and the trail of emails to upgrade get lost. And you need to start all over again. Management style is top down, gutless leadership at its core. Poor business sense and clueless direction with copy cat strategies passed off as his won.Never need to work a day if you are in managementStated in review, 1% written otherwise it will become a PHD dissertation - why state owned banks survive?"

Financial Service Consultant (Former Employee) says

"-Working during office hours -selling insurance products -management too busy to forget there are new employees who have entered. -personal other colleagues are very nice and friendly. -when encouraging to be able to work with colleagues who are friendly and nice.When there was a meeting with teammate will be eating for free. Can work out to look for sale.good medical benefits, loan with low interest rate."

Intern (Former Employee) says

"Lack of planning in providing training to newbies. Senior staffs are not willing to teach junior staffs. Boring workplace and would not work again for this company."

Customer Service Officer For Singapore Customer (Former Employee) says

"When i was in Cimb Bank ,I have learned more related to customer service jobs.Because everyday i am received a called from different type of customer,And i have to solve their problem without anger and patient.Management wise is good .work place culture also good and the hardest part of the job is can,t promise with the customer.once promise we have to settle the problem until the customer is happy.the most enjoyable part of the job is we have good understanding with working clicks and feel happy once get any compliment calls from customer.Nocall systerm"

Relationship Manager (Former Employee) says

"CIMB is a overall good place to work at - enjoyed my time in CIMB although it wasnt long. They are willing to invest time and money in training their newly hired staff"

ASSOCIATE (Former Employee) says

"The branch is going to close down due to it making losses. Nice place to work. Learned a lot of things. Management and co workers are very supportive. The hardest part of the job is to the the clients to pay their loss."

Negotiator (Former Employee) says

"No work life balance due to everyday we must to do overtime until until 8.30 pm or 9pm and also we need to come to the office on weekends or public holidays. Its depends on company goal. And sometimes i felt difficult to take on leave.Politics environment"

Assistan VP (Former Employee) says

"Long working hours to meet deadlines, days in lieu of extra hours worked are not given. There is no cohesion between departments as the management team's focus is to meet their individual targets and not the company as a whole. Political infighting."

Data Entry, photocopying (Former Employee) says

"CIMB's ethos is reflected in its promise to enable the dreams, ambitions and aspirations of all of our customers. Through our product and service solutions, digital innovations, extensive network and world-class advice, we advance the peoples, businesses and corporations of the ASEAN region towards their goals and enable them to move forward toward their true potentia"

Assistant Vice President (Current Employee) says

"Day-to-day routine work and too many papare works. High turn around make the work more harder due to change of management team. Malaysian Malay culture company."

Executive (Former Employee) says

"No proper training provided for new staffs. No proper flow of channel of information from team lead to the team."

Executive (Former Employee) says

"No work life balance. When working in banks, you should expect to spend yourself to sacrifice your energy and time to focus on work, to stay back late while little you can get in return. The management is pretty hands off. They'd like to push the staff to finish up a lot of works in a short time by hook or by crook. Co-workers are some team players but some just like to complaint without doing nothing. Working in banking industry is supposed to be the most enjoyable things in life but it becomes miserable especially for the contract staff when the contract is ended without strong and valid reason. Therefore, no career enhancement is promoted in CIMB.Good working environmentLack of career enhancement opportunity, political issue"

CLERICAL (Current Employee) says

"- My typical day at work is cannot be promoted. - I learned that if you done well in your job is not compulsory you can be promoted by your supervisor. - My management always bias to their employees, especially to clerical and non clerical staff. - My co-worker also same fate - The hardest part of my job is you easy can get scold, threatening and four letter word from customer went you asking for payment. - The most enjoyable part of my job is customer appreciate because I help them the solution how to manage their debt payment also my prayer time.Can prayer and salary on timeFor clerical no vehicle and sundry loan"

Telesales Executive (Former Employee) says

"Once youve entered this Plaza Pantai building on level 15, say goodbye to your good life. As a banker and a telesales, over here you dont have any further knowledge about banking and finance. You can try to ask your manager and they will answer "that is not necessary for you to know, you just need to deliver the number. Thats all".. Is it fair? Well, that is what we've been facing. Racist? Hahaha goodluck on being good. Bias? Goodluck again. Suggested? Nahhh go for other bank. Sallary? Okay lah if you can do well.Medical cardEven if you take Annual Leave, that one will be questionable."

BDC Manager (Former Employee) says

"Work place environment should be conducive with sufficient support extended to employees. Never say no to obstacles but embrace them as everything has a solution.New ideas and knowledge in a different industryUnethical working ethics"

Branch manager (Former Employee) says

"Benefits are good if you're performed. Support from management is not that good. Look for good support from colleagues. Learn fast and can start to enjoy the company benefits.BenefitsSupport"

Team Manager - Service Quality Assurance (Current Employee) says

"I need a new environment work place and not looking for managerial post.I am willing to work fast paced company with minimal supervision and be supportive staff."

Bank Officer (Former Employee) says

"A lot of friend and happy friend, working environment not bad, working hours is very fix, no benefit, unhappy working at cimbfix timenot bad"


"Pressure with bad zone manager. Dint get my commission for two time. Bad system. Dint get the practice how to the the work. Need to learn by self and need find other person to teach."

Admin /Graphic Designer Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Positive work environment. However, bad in human resources management. I learned so much in this company such company information system and assisting the clerical works. The office management is not workloadHuman Resources Management"

Annoyed Customer says

"CIMB straight up gives away your data to its sales agents/ telemarketers to push you to buy its unit trusts products. I specifically unchecked the option to receive marketing communication, and also emailed them. But the calls haven\'t stopped. And another the scary thing is the first call happened after I transferred a considerable sum into my account. That\'s super creepy, as if they\'re peeping into my account to sell a product. I have moved out my money since, and waiting for the early account closure period to lapse, then I\'m fucking done with it. Clowns In Malaysia Bank (CIMB) !"

Lily says

"Such a big nuinsance. Making a big deal just to open a simple savings account. Made me wait for more than 2 hours for nothing. Bluntly rejected my application and said \"come back another day\". Why? Just because my university offer letter wasnt dated my exact intake. Firstly, for private universities, its almost impossible for that to happen. You register early, you get your offer letter earlier. The thing is, they took my offer letter 2 hours earlier while I was waiting. The employee could have easily checked tge dates if its such a big issue. Why did they even collect my letter earlier then? To just stack it on a table? Just doing things without thinking. Unefficiency on another level. Employee was also so rude to me. Then if I go back, they\'ll find another tiny issue to reject nr with and it goes on. How many hours do I have to waste just open an account?"

Fatim says

"They have no idea about their policies. I lost my debit card and cannot get a replacement because they are confused if I have to go to home branch or any branch. Customer service tells me any branch. When I went to Cyberjaya branch they said go to home branch. Worst experience ever. "

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